• Improve Mobility & Motion

    Manual therapy is the “formal hands” on treatment approach aimed at improving muscle length or strength, improving joint movements, and releasing tension in muscle tissue. Manual therapy is performed to also improve pelvic alignment and spinal mobility. With improved mobility and alignment, the patient is able to generate more muscle power, breathe better, and move more freely.

  • Benefits of Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy is an alternative approach to treatment instead of surgery. Physical therapy is used to reduce pain, restore movement and mobility, and to develop a program that will help maintain your everyday life.

  • Participate In Your Recovery

    Our physical therapists work with each patient to develop a specific treatment program that will reach each patient’s goals. Our physical therapists will help to achieve these goals by designing specific stretches and programs that target an area. You will learn how to perform these exercises correctly at the clinic and will eventually become independent to complete on your own.