Rod and Linda W.

After my Achilles injury, the staff at Go Physical Therapy had me back walking again very quickly. Later, my wife came in to get her neck worked on. Brian and his staff were very knowledgeable and do an outstanding job of making you feel at home. They do all the paperwork for you and all you have to do is concentrate on getting better. We have and will continue to recommend Go Physical Therapy to all our friends and neighbors.

Dennis P.

Go Physical Therapy has gone above and beyond to provide quality care. When I was no longer able to travel to their office location, they provided physical therapy in our home. They took the time to get to know our whole family and made my physical therapy much easier for us all.

William L.

Brian Brunken and all of his staff are nothing but the best I have ever found. I have used their services three times due to injuries, each time I have gotten the best care possible. After my examination, they came up with a treatment plan that was easy to follow. After each visit I was given a clear diagram of exercises I had done and how to do them at home...

If and when I need care of a physical therapist again, there would be no other place I would consider other than "Go Physical Therapy."


Bob M.

I hurt my back in the 60's and have nursed it along with adjustments from a chiropractor. I finally made an appointment at the spine clinic and they pinpointed my problem. Rather than surgery, the doctor advised me to find a physical therapist. At that point, I had heard of Go physical Therapy and just walked in one day and made an appointment. My situation will never go away but with treatment and exercise that was given to me made a big difference in my life style.

Steve S,

I have visited the staff at Go Physical Therapy three times in the last seven years for help. They provided physical therapy after two knee replacements and more recently for strengthening my back. I could obtain services from any number of physical therapy locations, however at Go Physical Therapy I always feel that the staff is interested in me first as a person. They provide excellent physical therapy but always with the context of my personality, the history of my injury, and the level of my motivation. Go Physical Therapy is my choice for rehabilitation whenever I need it.

Max R.

“Both my kids and I have used GO Physical Therapy and highly recommend them. Brian’s credibility and rapport with student-athletes has made our family repeat customers.”

Sharon S,

I go there hurting, but the down-home caring attitude shown is as important to me as their physical therapy knowledge. Together this makes Go Physical Therapy my first choice.

Tina P.

We were referred by a friend when my son hurt his back during basketball a couple years ago. Now, Go Physical Therapy is the first place we call when either of our kids are hurt. The friendly staff can usually get our kids in to be seen within the day. My kids still do the exercises given to them when they were hurt playing high school sports. We are very thankful for the great service we have received!

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